Changes from January 2023

Here is some brief information about next year at Holzmanufaktur Marwin Wiesner.

1. Prices
As of January 1st, 2023 we will adjust our prices very slightly.

Due to new production calculations, rising energy prices and price changes for the raw material wood, we cannot avoid adjusting our prices.

This adjustment will be in the very small cent range for most products, but for longer handles there will be a price increase of up to around 10%.

Since price transparency is important to us, we would like to point this out.

2. Products
Since we can no longer sell certain products profitably at a reasonable price, we unfortunately have to stop producing certain items for the new year.
These are the following products:

  • Wanduhr 'KIRA'
  • Magnetic holders of any kind
  • Tray 'KAMI' (will continue to exist in the medium version for the time being)

We are also taking this step consciously so that we don't have to pass on another price increase to you as a customer next year, as we can concentrate more on the production of our main division, furniture handles.

That's why several new furniture handles will appear next year.

3. Our brand
As already mentioned, we are passionate about producing furniture handles for your wardrobe, your living room cupboard or for the kitchen.

For a long time we still produced under the "brand" - 'Holzmanufaktur Marwin Wiesner'. We would now like to change this and will establish a new brand for our entire range from 2023, which stands for sustainability, nature, high quality and products with reasonable prices.

More on that soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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