Individual borehole spacing

If you are looking for borehole spacing that we do not offer, this is usually not a problem.

handle bars
We could offer our grip rails in all possible drill hole distances from 32mm to 660mm.
All you have to do is order a variant that has at least the drill hole spacing that you need --> When ordering, you simply give us your desired drill hole spacing.

Your old cupboard should get new wooden handles, the old plastic handles have a hole spacing of 300mm.
You can now simply order a handle strip with 320mm and give us the information about the change to 300mm when ordering.
(By the way, you can also use any other length, such as 650mm, and we can change the drill holes to 300mm for you.)

It's not that easy with handles, because if we change the drill holes, we also have to adjust the length of the handle, i.e. the entire milling program of the CNC machine.
For economic reasons, we can only offer this from 12 handles without extra charge.

If you are interested in individual drill hole spacing for handles, you should contact us directly with your request!
Write to us via chat or email to